i feel like i hardly even had short hair it’s already grown!! so!! much!! i love it!!

Anonymous: You remind me of a dainty, but fierce little woodland creature. Like a fairy type deal.

that’s cool

Anonymous: Is there much to do in Ohio? Like what's its bread n butter?

uhhhh we have cedar point….and cool hills and caverns in southern ohio apparently

surfborscht: You look a lot like an older Sally Draper <3_<3

u don’t even know what this means 2 me

Anonymous: is your hair just naturally that straight?

no i flat iron it

Anonymous: we have like the same body type and i think ur the babliest babe ever and seeing u be (or at least seem) so confident makes me more confident too ^_^ luv u flower

cool i luv it when that happens!! thank u =(^.^)=

what kinda sick extrovert invented high school reunions ??

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