i want to live in a place much bigger than me. london, amsterdam, new york city, tokyo. where nobody knows my name, where i can walk down the street, invisible on wednesday and on friday very much seen, making six new friends before i even reach the coffee shop that sells my favourite soy lattes. a city where things are so ugly they’re beautiful or so beautiful they move you to tears and where i can take a train anywhere else if i need to get out.

i want my own flat in a tall brick building, minimalist and cosy but with room for friends to stay the night if i so choose. white walls…maybe beige. strung with fairy lights, small paper lanterns, colossal windows so i never need the former two and the colour of sky fills my room every day. at night i’ll plug in the fairy lights and light candles everywhere and burn coconut incense. a loft bed with blankets and pillows like white clouds and a desk underneath for when i can’t sleep and need to write in one of seventeen journals i never really needed to begin with. i’d leave my record player on my desk too, next to my florence, the xx, and the kooks albums because that’s all i’ll ever want to listen to anyway. i might cover a wall with cut outs from magazines and things found at vintage shops and prints from my blog. another wall will be entirely shelved and i will spend hours in bookstores and second hand shops finding books to add to my collection even thought i know i’ll never have time to read them all, just so i can have fitzgerald and plath and emerson and thoreau fill the empty space when no friends are around. an old couch that’s still oddly comfortable with a big antique coffee table and neatly stacked magazines like vice and iD and russh, where i can roll a joint or pour myself a glass of wine or ash a cigarette or a blunt with a friend who has an accent that makes my heart flutter. plants everywhere, even though i have a hard time keeping them alive. big beautiful trees (especially cherry blossom or jacaranda trees) outside my window would be ideal. a large chair by the window for when it rains and i can literally curl up to read a book in the glow of a thunderstorm. a television that gets dusty quite often but is sometimes on for hours while i watch every episode of skins in a row. a balcony for when it’s warm and i am lonely and need the sun to hold me. a small kitchen equipped with a cast iron tea pot, enough room to make vegan cupcakes, and a refrigerator that is always stocked with green apples and sparkling pear wine. and of course i’ll need a massive closet filled with thrifted things and circle scarves and thigh high socks and black leggings and skirts and tops and everything else you could imagine so i can be a different girl every day - and beautiful lace lingerie that hopefully only one gorgeous, wonderful, tall, artsy boy will get the privilege of seeing.

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